Author: Lucas Waddingus

Collection of Works: Annales Minorum

Tom. XV. (1492-1515).

Place of Publication: Quaracchi

Publication Date: 1933

Pages: XX-868

ISBN 978-88-7013-230-4
Catalogue Code Number: E115
Price: € 42,00

About the Author

Luke Wadding O.F.M. (1588-1657)

Irish scholar, born in Waterford, and educated in Portugal (at Lisbon and Coimbra), later entering the Friars Minor there (1607). Professor of theology at the University of Salamanca, he arrived in Rome as member of the Spanish theological embassy to the Holy See. Founder of St. Isidore's College and its rector, he published the Annals of the Franciscan Order, an edition of the works of John Duns Scotus, and writings on the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. His efforts led to the celebration of St. Patrick's Day as an international religious observance.

About the Collection

Annales Minorum 1931-1964. In 4°.

The most important historiographical project of the Order in the 17th century, Irish Friar Luke Wadding completed his Franciscan history up to 1540, a monumental work which was continued by other authors to reach the year 1680.