Author: Ioannes Duns Scotus

Collection of Works: Ioannis Duns Scoti Opera Omnia

Tom. XVI. Lectura in Librum Primum Sententiarum. Prologus et Distinctiones 1-7

Place of Publication: Vatican City

Publication Date: 1960

Pages: XIV-554.

ISBN 978-88-7013-316-5
Catalogue Code Number: A116
Price: € 55,00

About the Author

John Duns Scotus (ca. 1265-1308)

From the town of Duns in Berwickshire, Scotland, John entered the Friars Minor and was later ordained a priest (1291). After studies at Greyfriars, Oxford, he was lecturing in Paris by 1302, and in Cologne in 1307. He died there in 1308. His works include a commentary on the Sentences, and one on Aristotle's Metaphysics, Quodlibetal Questions and Questions on Greek logical texts.

About the Collection

Ioannis Duns Scoti Opera Omnia studio et cura Commissionis Scotisticae ad fidem codicum edita, praeeunte (†) C. Balić, Civitas Vaticana, Typ. Polygl. Vaticana, 1950 et seqq. In 4°.

The critical edition of Scotus‘ Ordinatio and Lectura is another flagship of our research and publishing program carried out by the Scotist Commission at the Franciscan University in Rome (Antonianum). The series also contains the acts of various congresses on this brilliant Franciscan thinker of the late 13th century.

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