Author: AFH

Collection of Works: Archivum Franciscanum Historicum

Archivum Franciscanum Historicum 64 (1971)

Publication Date: 1971

Pages: 712

ISBN 0004-0665
Price: € 26,00

About the Author

A wide range of international authors contribute to this journal.

About the Collection

Archivum Franciscanum Historicum Periodica publicatio cura PP. Collegii S. Bonaventurae ann. 1908-1970 Quaracchi; 1971 et seqq. Grottaferrata. ISSN 0004-0665 112 voll.: 1 (1908) – 112 (2019).

Since 1908, this scholarly journal of the Quaracchi Editors has been a major reference tool for scholars interested in Franciscan history. It contains articles written in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish with priority given to the presentation/edition of previously unpublished sources.