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Office Hours

Our offices are open from: 
8:30AM - 12:30PM, 4:00PM - 6:00PM, Monday - Friday. 
(Note that in Rome we are on Central European Time).

Please feel free to contact us:

Br. William J. Short OFM, Director
Collegium S. Bonaventurae-Frati Editori di Quaracchi
International Center for Franciscan Studies & Research
St. Isidore’s College
Via degli Artisti 41
00187 ROMA
Tel: (+39) (06) 488.5359/488.5136
Fax: (+39) (06) 466.4459
Email: director@quaracchi.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to do research in the Quaracchi Library?

A: Yes. Ph.D candidates and researchers with a doctoral degree send a request to the Library at biblioteca@quaracchi.org. They should submit a letter of presentation from the educational institution where they work, and a brief description of their research needs.

Q: Do the Quaracchi Editions accept proposals for publications?

A: Yes. A request for information should be submitted to biblioteca@quaracchi.org. A detailed description of the criteria for proposals will be sent to the prospective author. The Quaracchi Friar Editors have a special interest in critical editions of early Franciscan texts in philosophy, theology, history and spirituality.

Q: Can I request photocopies or scanned images of Library materials?

A: Yes. The Quaracchi Library has a small staff who can accommodate requests for small amounts of materials to be copied or scanned for a modest fee. Please address any request to biblioteca@quaracchi.org.

Q: Can I use the Quaracchi Library as a personal study area?

A: No. Unfortunately the limited seating in the library’s Reading Room requires us to limit access to qualified researchers only.

Q: Can I make an appointment to meet with a Quaracchi representative?

A: Yes. Please request an appointment, whether in person, by telephone or video-link, by writing to the Director at director@quaracchi.org. Our official languages are English, Italian and Spanish, and we can also accommodate requests for appointments in French, German and Polish.

Q: How can I purchase one of your Quaracchi publications?

A: To make a purchase, just follow the instructions on our Publications page.