Research at Quaracchi

Well-qualified scholars are welcome to use the resources of the Quaracchi Library for research projects, specifically those related to some aspect of Franciscan history and thought. A letter of introduction from an institution of higher learning is requested.

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Research at Quaracchi

Research at the Library

Library staff can offer some limited assistance by letter or e-mail in response to queries.

Please write to the Director for further information or to schedule a visit.

Director, Collegium S. Bonaventurae
Frati Editori di Quaracchi
Via degli Artisti 41
00187 Roma
Email: director@quaracchi.org

Policies for Research at Quaracchi

We support projects – research, publications, etc. - in so far as they advance the mission, vision, and purpose defined by the Board and the Statute governing the College (Collegium Sancti Bonaventurae).

Projects are presented to the Director and approved by the Board.

To qualify for consideration the project must include:

  • a statement of purpose, goals, objectives, and methodology;
  • a time frame for completion of the project;
  • budget and sources of funding, specifically if a subsidy is expected from the College;
  • a project for research, publication, or an academic meeting becomes a project of the College only when approved by the Board;
  • a progress report on each project must be presented regularly to the Board in order to determine if it is to be renewed, redefined, interrupted or stopped.

Once a project is approved, the person(s) responsible for the project will be considered a Fellow of the Collegium Sancti Bonaventurae.

Projects have the option of being approved as full-time, residential projects, that is, the person(s) responsible will take up residence at the location of the College, for all or part of the time period necessary to complete the project.

Those in residence will be considered Fellows in residence.

Religious in residence must have the authorization of their superiors; Friars Minor in residence must request and obtain a letter of obedience from their Minister General.

All Fellows in residence are responsible for their own personal expenses unless a stipend has been requested and granted as part of the project proposal. All Fellows are to be respectful of the resident friar community and participate as appropriate in the life of the community.

The local friar community is entitled to receive a monthly budgeted stipend for each Fellow in residence (whether friar, other religious, or lay scholar), either from the College, if so approved, or from the Fellow personally if so arranged.

Proposals should be presented in writing to the Director at director@quaracchi.org

Recommended Resources

Quaracchi Editions are available for purchase at the International Franciscan Bookshop located in Assisi - Santa Maria degli Angeli and online at:


Quaracchi Editions of Franciscan writers are available in searchable electronic form in the Library of Latin Texts — Series B (Brepols Publishers, subscription required).


Latin texts and English translations of the writings of Francis and Clare of Assisi, early biographies and related documents are available online, sponsored by the Commission for the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition (free, registration required).