Author: Conradus de Saxonia

Collection of Works: Bibliotheca Franciscana Ascetica Medii Aevi

Tom. II. - Speculum B. Mariae Virginis Fr. Conradi de Saxonia.

Place of Publication: Quaracchi

Publication Date: 1904

Pages: XXVIII-284

ISBN 000-00-0000-000-0
Catalogue Code Number: C2
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About the Author

Conrad of Saxony (early 13th c. - 1279)

German friar, Minister Provincial of Saxony (1245-61), and author of sermons, as well as the Mirror of the Blessed Virgin Mary. While travelling to the Order's General Chapter he died at Bologna in 1279.

About the Collection

Bibliotheca Franciscana Ascetica Medii Aevi, 1904 et seqq. In 8° min. (tom. XIII, in 8°).

This series specializes mainly in critical editions of Franciscan spiritual and hagiographical texts of the Middle Ages.