Author: Bonaventura

Collection of Works: Bonaventurae Opera Omnia

Tom. IX. - Sermones de tempore, de sanctis, de B. Virgine Maria, et de diversis

Place of Publication: Quaracchi

Publication Date: 1901

Pages: XXIV - 756.

ISBN 978-88-7013-011-9
Catalogue Code Number: A10
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About the Author

Bonaventure (ca. 1217-1274)

Born at Bagnoregio in Tuscany, he joined the Friars Minor while a student at Paris (1243), where he likely studied under Alexander of Hales, John of La Rochelle, William of Melitona and Eudes Rigaud. He taught in Paris beginning in 1253-54 before his election as Minister General of the Order (1257) and appointment as Cardinal Bishop of Albano (1273). Author of extensive works in philosophy, theology, and spirituality. Died at the Council of Lyon (1274), canonized by Sixtus IV (1482), named Doctor of the Church by Sixtus V (1588).

About the Collection

BONAVENTURAE OPERA OMNIA ad plurimos Codices Mss. emendata, anecdotis aucta, prolegomenis, scholiis notisque illustrata, 11 voll. (cum Indice) 1882-1902. In fol.

The monumental critical edition of Bonaventure’s works established the fame of the early Quaracchi Editors. Some of these writings are also offered in a smaller-format edition.