Author: Clément Schmitt

Collection of Works: Opera Varia

Lettres des Ministres généraux conservées aux Archives franciscaines de Saint-Trond, Archivum Franciscanum Historicum

Place of Publication: Grottaferrata

Publication Date: 1976

Pages: 101

ISBN 000-00-0000-000-0
Catalogue Code Number: V66
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About the Author

Clément Schmitt O.F.M. (1917-2006)

Franciscan historian of Luxembourgish origin from Lorraine, from 1950-1989 a member of the Collegio S. Bonaventura at Quarrachi and Grottaferrata, and long-time editor-in-chief of Archivum Franciscanum Historicum (1961-1989).

About the Collection

Opera Varia

A variety of studies, mostly on Franciscan subjects, some of which have been previously published in AFH.