Author: Ioannes Duns Scotus

Collection of Works: Studia Scholastico-Scotistica

Regnum hominis et regnum Dei. Acta quarti Congressus, Paduae 24-29 Sept. 1976, cura C. Bérubé. 1. Sectio generalis (Studia Scholastico-Scotistica 6)

Place of Publication: Rome

Publication Date: 1978

Pages: IV-658.

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Catalogue Code Number: A156
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About the Author

John Duns Scotus (ca. 1265-1308)

From the town of Duns in Berwickshire, Scotland, John entered the Friars Minor and was later ordained a priest (1291). After studies at Greyfriars, Oxford, he was lecturing in Paris by 1302, and in Cologne in 1307. He died there in 1308. His works include a commentary on the Sentences, and one on Aristotle's Metaphysics, Quodlibetal Questions and Questions on Greek logical texts.

About the Collection

Studia Scholastico-Scotistica, Acta Congressuum Scotisticorum Internationalium. In 8o mai.

The series contains the acts of various congresses on this brilliant Franciscan thinker of the late 13th century.