Author: Petrus Iohannis Olivi

Collection of Works: Collectio Oliviana

Tom. VIII. - Petri Iohannis Olivi Quaestiones de novissimis ex libro IV summae. Ed. et cur. P. Maranesi

Place of Publication: Grottaferrata

Publication Date: 2004

Pages: 213

ISBN 978-88-7013-182-6
Catalogue Code Number: O8
Price: € 30,00

About the Author

Peter of John Olivi (1248/49-1298)

A native of Sérignan in southern France, he joined the Friars Minor in 1259, and was a student of theology at Paris (1267-72), later lecturing in the south of France and in Florence, ending his years teaching in Narbonne until his death in 1298. His works include philosophical works, Scripture commentaries, treatises on evangelical poverty, and on economic relations.

About the Collection

Collectio Oliviana 1999 et seqq. In 8° mai.

The Oliviana collection witnesses to the renewed scholarly attention given to this creative and sometimes controversial French scholar from Provence. The series focusses chiefly on critical editions of his works, and also contains recent studies on Olivi.

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