Author: Alexander de Hales

Collection of Works: Bibliotheca Franciscana Scholastica Medii Aevi

Tom. XXXV. - Alexandri di Hales Quaestiones disputatae de novissimis. Critice editae a H. M. Wierzbicki

Place of Publication: Roma

Publication Date: 2024

Pages: 851

ISBN 978-88-7013-370-7
Price: € 80,00

About the Author

Alexander of Hales (1185-1245)

Originally from England, he studied at Paris and began teaching there early in the second decade of the 13th century, introducing the Sentences of Peter Lombard as a fundamental reference for theological study, writing a Gloss on its content (1227-30). In 1236 he joined the Friars Minor, and later began a Summa of theology, completed by his collaborators after his death in 1245.

About the Collection

Bibliotheca Franciscana Scholastica Medii Aevi, 1957 et seqq. In 8° mai.

This collection offers critical editions of a wide range of Franciscan medieval scholastic texts from such authors as Alexander of Hales, Bonaventure, John Pecham, Peter of John Olivi, Matthew of Aquasparta, Roger Marston, and William of Middleton.