Author: Fortunato Margiotti

Collection of Works: Sinica Franciscana

Vol. VI. - Relationes et Epistolas primorum Fratrum Minorum Italorum in Sinis collegerunt et ad fidem codicum redegerunt et adnotaverunt PP. F. Margiotti et S. Rosso, Opus in duobus tomis divisum. Pars prior, pp. XLV-786; pars altera, pp. 787-1467.

Place of Publication: Rome

Publication Date: 1961

Pages: XLV-1467

ISBN 978-88-7013-270-0
Catalogue Code Number: S6
Price: € 49,00

About the Author

Fortunato Margiotti O.F.M. (1912-1990)

Franciscan scholar from Frosinone, near Rome, he served from 1931-49 as a missionary in China (Shanxi), and in 1952 appointed to the China Commission (Commissio Sinica) of the Collegio S. Bonaventura at Quaracchi.

About the Collection

Sinica Franciscana Collectio documentorum ad historiam Fratrum Minorum in Sinis spectantia, 1929 et seqq. In 8° mai.

The classic documentation of the Order’s involvement with China, containing medieval travel accounts as well as the correspondence of Franciscan missionaries to China in the early modern period.