Author: Ulrich Hüntemann

Collection of Works: Bullarium Franciscanum

Bullarium Franciscanum continens constitutiones, epistolas et diplomata Romanorum Pontificum. Nova series, 1929 et seqq. In 4o. Tom. I. - Eugenii IV et Nicolai V (1431-1455), ed. U. Hüntemann

Place of Publication: Quaracchi

Publication Date: 1929

Pages: LX-980

ISBN 978-88-7013-099-7
Catalogue Code Number: F26
Price: € 57,00

About the Author

Ulrich Hüntemann O.F.M. (1869-1936)

German Franciscan collaborator (with José María Pou y Martí) in the publication of papal documents concerning the three Franciscan Orders.

About the Collection

Bullarium Franciscanum

The Bullarium represents a fundamental historical sourcebook which contains all available papal declarations concerning the medieval Franciscan Order.

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