Author: Bonaventura

Collection of Works: Bonaventura - Varia

Seraphici Doctoris decem opuscula ad theologiam mysticam spectantia, ed 5a,(De triplici via alias Incendium amoris, Soliloquium de IV mentalibus exercitiis, Lignum vitae, De quinque festivitatibus pueri Iesu, Tractatus de praeparatione ad missam, De perfectione vitae ad sorores, De regimine animae, De sex alis seraphim, Officium de passione Domini, Vitis mystica)

Place of Publication: Quaracchi

Publication Date: 1965

Pages: X- 426

ISBN 978-88-7013-020-1
Catalogue Code Number: A18
Price: € 16,00

About the Author

Bonaventure (ca. 1217-1274)

Born at Bagnoregio in Tuscany, he joined the Friars Minor while a student at Paris (1243), where he likely studied under Alexander of Hales, John of La Rochelle, William of Melitona and Eudes Rigaud. He taught in Paris beginning in 1253-54 before his election as Minister General of the Order (1257) and appointment as Cardinal Bishop of Albano (1273). Author of extensive works in philosophy, theology, and spirituality. Died at the Council of Lyon (1274), canonized by Sixtus IV (1482), named Doctor of the Church by Sixtus V (1588).

About the Collection

Studia varia de quaestionibus in operibus S. Bonaventurae tractatis necnon instrumenta ad huius operum investigationem utilia.

The monumental critical edition of Bonaventure’s works established the fame of the early Quaracchi Editors. This is a smaller-format edition.

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