Author: Rogerus Marston

Collection of Works: Bibliotheca Franciscana Scholastica Medii Aevi

Tom. VII. - Fr. Rogeri Marston Quaestiones disputatae De emanatione aeterna, De statu naturae lapsae, De anima

Place of Publication: Quaracchi

Publication Date: 1932

Pages: LXXX-500.

ISBN 978-88-7013-040-9
Catalogue Code Number: B7
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About the Author

Roger Marston (ca. 1235-1303)

An English friar, philosopher and theologian, he studied in Paris along with Matthew of Acquasparta under John Pecham about 1270. Master of theology at Oxford, he composed Disputed Questions and Quodlibetal Questions.

About the Collection

Bibliotheca Franciscana Scholastica Medii Aevi, 1957 et seqq. In 8° mai.

This collection offers critical editions of a wide range of Franciscan medieval scholastic texts from such authors as Alexander of Hales, Bonaventure, John Pecham, Peter of John Olivi, Matthew of Aquasparta, Roger Marston, and William of Middleton.