Author: Nicholas de Ockham

Collection of Works: Spicilegium Bonaventurianum

Tom. XXVII. - Nicolai de Ockham Quaestiones disputatae de traductione humanae naturae a primo parente, cura et studio C. Saco Alarcón

Place of Publication: Grottaferrata

Publication Date: 1993

Pages: 568

ISBN 978-88-7013-168-0
Catalogue Code Number: D27
Price: € 52,00

About the Author

Nicholas of Ockham (ca. 1245 - ca. 1320)

English friar from Ockham in Surrey, he studied at Paris (1270-74), lectured at Oxford, and was regent master there (1286-88). We have his commentary on the Sentences and Disputed Questions.

About the Collection

Spicilegium Bonaventurianum, 1963 seqq. In 8° mai.

A variety of scholarly research: archival research into aspects of Assisi's city life and 15th/16th c. Italian universities; works on Franciscan manuscripts in Naples and Troyes; editions of works by scholastic authors Francis of the Marches, Nicholas of Ockham, Peter Lombard, William of Auxerre; critical editions of spiritual and writings of Francis of Assisi (also in Italian and Spanish translation), Angela of Foligno, Hugh of Digne, and Rudolf of Biberach.

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